Study English – Stay in Worthing

Read about Lucia’s experience as a student in Worthing…

I had never heard about this traditional seaside town, until I booked my English course at one of the local languages schools in Worthing. I immediately looked for some information and I found it really nice at first sight: the Seafront, the Pier, the historical house and local restaurants. It was really uncomplicated to come here just because Worthing is really well located and connected with London Gatwick Airport and the railway stations (it takes only 45 minutes from the airport to the local station). My school has probably chosen this town, since it’s not busy, it’s safe and it’s a short distance to lots of Sussex towns including Brighton and Chichester and of course London. Furthermore, there are countless activities that you can do as a student in Worthing with any weather condition.

As far as I am concerned, it is an extremely worthwhile, challenging and useful experience, due to the fact that my goals were improving my English, speaking with authentic English people (not just during English lessons in my country). All my expectations have been completely realised.
During a sunny day, it’s a must to go to the beach, to visit Worthing Pier and to hire a local bike to have a look around and stop whenever you prefer. Nevertheless, you won’t get bored if it’s a cloudy, rainy or windy day. In fact, all the Theatres and Cinemas are opened to customers with live shows or movies. If you are an Art and History lover you should go to the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. It is also possible to go bowling or to try Hotpod Yoga.
During the weekend London is a usual trip, but there are different itineraries based on what you most enjoy visiting and Brighton that is 30 minutes away by train.

For more information about what to do in Worthing, have a look at see and do section


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