Sustainable Worthing

Adur & Worthing Councils’ declared Climate Emergency in July 2019 and has committed to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The Councils have also signed the UK100 Cities Pledge to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050.

Initiatives taking place across the two districts include

  • Eco Open Houses
  • Bees & Seas Festival (Brooklands)
  • Green Dreams Festival (Field Place)
  • leading sustainability businesses – e.g. World of Books
  • Care Without Carbon initiative with the hospitals
  • the local college being involved in a Decarbonisation of Housing Academy to boost skills of builders and installers to be more sustainable
  • Sussex Kelp Restoration
  • A range of green spaces / community gardens for growing, reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing
  • Various active travel initiatives – Donkey Bikes/Bikeshare, Durrington Cycle Project, CYCALL sessions at Brooklands etc
  • Local Nature Reserves and SSSIs, or new habitat restoration projects including Shepherds Mead below Cissbury Ring
  • The new Worthing Heat Network (in development)

Tom Baker - Green Tides CIC

Green Tides is a small group of volunteers who support groups like Goring & Ilex that are working in the community to enhance green spaces ( We provide a forum for groups to share ideas and resources. We also offer free training to our members, giving them the skills they need to continue thriving.

During lockdown we developed two community-wide projects. The Adur & Worthing Wildflower Trail celebrates wildflowers and pollinators, encouraging groups and schools to plant their own wildflower patches. We are also working with Council staff, The Conservation Volunteers and community groups to plant trees on a large scale.

A profile picture of a man smiling

When I moved to Worthing five years ago, I was struck by how green our town is. Coming down from Scotland for work, I had never heard of Worthing before and came to the south east with a false impression of commuter towns and sub-urban sprawl. Even within the heart of Worthing there are beautiful parks and gardens, many of which are lovingly cared for by volunteers. Goring Gap is within walking distance of my flat, but until 2020 I did not know that the Goring & Ilex Conservation Group look after the neighbouring plantation.

A group of people gardening

The last five years have shown me how strong the community spirit is in Worthing. People truly care about the environment and even in the midst of a pandemic will work tirelessly to make Worthing a better place. Volunteering with Green Tides has provided the opportunity to make my own contribution with skills learnt at work. While I still miss Scotland, Worthing already feels like home.


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