About Time for Worthing

‘Vibrant & Together’

With its blend of town, beach and countryside, Worthing is a vibrant colourful, lively community with a huge amount for investors, residents and visitors to discover and share. And now is the time for us to all shout about it.

Here’s everything you need to understand the background of the brand, and how you can get more involved.

What is Time for Worthing?

Time for Worthing is a place brand which is developed to showcase the unique Borough of Worthing.
Time for Worthing celebrates our town and everything it offers, for Discover, Live and Invest. Aimed at promoting Worthing as a visitor destination, for inward investment and to showcase the Town as a great place to live and work

It captures the Borough’s myriad commercial and lifestyle opportunities and unites the diverse communities which call Worthing home.

Developed by local businesses and residents the brand is built around the concept of ‘time’ and how we use it for working and living. And why Worthing is the place to spend that time.

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What is Time for Worthing for?

We want to encourage people to explore the town and find their own niche within it. We want new businesses to set up here and bring new opportunities and fresh challenges to our residents. We want more people to be able to stay, work and live here rather than travel away for opportunity.

And once they’re here, the brand will encourage new people to embrace Worthing life to the full and make their own unique contribution to the place they now call home. And of course no place brand can forget that it must build pride among those of us already here, reminding us why we love the place and perhaps surprising us too!

What is the vision?

The vision is to work to collectively raise the profile of Worthing Borough to bring fresh energy and investment to our place – be that business, enterprise, skilled workers, tourism, visitors …

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Worthing is full of confidence, positivity, diversity and opportunity

Our physical setting reflects our offering – a perfect mix of town, beach and countryside. It’s a place that’s good for the soul and the mind; a place to live, work, make your mark or simply relax and recharge.

We want to show the world our diverse, creative community as it truly is – and as we want it to be in the future. This is the moment when we make Worthing the ‘go-to’ destination for investment and build on the growing sense of pride within the local community.

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