Our physical setting reflects our offering – a perfect mix of town, beach and countryside. It’s a place that’s good for the soul and the mind; a place to live, work, make your mark or simply relax and recharge.

Located in South East England, Worthing stands as one of the largest towns on the south coast with a population of 110,000 across 13 neighbourhood areas and covering 12.5sq miles (32.4 km sq).

Worthing offers coastal living at the foot of the South Downs National Park and all within just 80 mins of London which makes that life/ work balance easy.

If you’re looking for a family friendly place to settle, grow and call home then look no further than Worthing.

Relative to other coastal towns in Worthing you’ll get more space for you money.

If you’re looking to buy, you’ll be making a sound investment.

Worthing house prices have increase by 16% in the last 5 years and 54% in the last 10 years (Zoopla)

My Worthing: Lewis Crathern - 4 x British Kite Surf Champ & 2016 Vice King of the Air

My one piece of advice to new residents of Worthing would be...

Take up an activity which involved the ocean. That does not necessarily have to be a sport like kiteboarding, even walking along the beach from time to time would suffice. The health and wellbeing benefits of visually seeing and smelling the ocean on a regular basis are just too good to ignore.

Photo credit: Eunice Bergin

Two people playing golf

photo credit: Eunice Bergin

I was born here and have always loved the town. The beauty of Worthing is it’s location. The ocean is on our doorstep and the Southdown’s are a mile away. Worthing is also a great place to live for Kitesurfing, which has become my full time profession. Our transport connections are superb and its easy for me to do the international side of my job with London/Gatwick so close.

A kite surfer

I grew up in East Worthing and then spent time in my 20’s in West Worthing the Heene area. For me, what really makes the seaside area so superb, is the access to the ocean. You can park right up close, in some places (West Worthing) it’s free. The long path/boulevard which takes you all the way from East Worthing to way past West Worthing is wonderful.

A kitesurfer

When I'm not kite surfing ..I love to play golf which is a great cross over sport to Kitesurfing. I play regularly at Hill Barn and also Worthing and absolutely love the contrast in environment to the sea. The South Downs are incredibly beautiful and I find golf a very therapeutic thing to do. Seeing the vast amount of nature is always special, like the deer crossing the fairway in the morning! 

A person playing golf

Worthings hidden Gem for me is actually somewhere not so hidden. It is the Pier. The reason it is my hidden gem is because I believe it is often overlooked. You can easily take it for granted. Worthing Pier is an incredible structure and is a great example of a Pier and what it was designed for. I’ve seen many piers around the UK, but Worthing’s is #1 it is no surprise it is always up there in the Pier of the Year competition. 

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