Cissbury Ring walking, ponies and pints of real ale

If you love countryside walking but don’t have a car – don’t panic – it’s easy to get to the South Downs National Park by bus from Worthing … pals Gail  & Amber did just that .. read on..

The day started in Worthing town centre, catching the Number 1 bus in town. The bus runs half hourly at 05 and 35 minutes past and the closest stop to Cissbury Ring is May Tree Avenue. Head left across the car park into the broad woodland and you’ll find yourself encountering the sounds of the birds and the hums of the bees. You feel a million miles away from the climate of the town.

Stroll up the slight incline and you’ll be able to admire the scenic views, with butterflies fluttering all around and the sun shining down. Continue through the woodland, with the camouflage of the trees and with rays of light shining down. A wooden gate to the right leads you into a field with nature awaiting. The fluffy faces of tiny lambs can be seen along with sheep dozing in the shade and cows sheltering from the warm sun.

It was a glorious day, beautiful and tranquil. The baby blue sky kissed the luscious green fields and the clear landscape looked like an oil painting. It’s a perfect moment to take in the stillness of the surroundings. Walking along the path, over the gates, and crossing the hilly mounds, will lead you to the highest point on Cissbury Ring. A different world to the chaotic daily routine that most of us are use to.

Carry on downward following the trail, making your way back to the shade of the wood where, if your lucky, you can encounter wild ponies. Head through the golden fields, down the hill towards the starting point. This four mile circular route takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes

Heading back towards town, a celebratory pint is in order and where better than microPub The Brooksteed Alehouse. Get off the bus at the Bridge Road stop, cross over and follow Bridge Road round to South Farm Road and look out for the penny farthing.

Brooksteed owners Aaron and John are happy to advise you on ales, ciders and perry which they serve direct from the cask (Wines, gins and bottle beer are also available). Our drinks of choice were the Citra golden ale (4.2% – £3.80 per pint) and the Purple Haze Cider (4% – £4 per pint), The alehouse even had complementary suntan lotion, so you really can sit back, enjoy your pint in the sun and reminisce of you wonderful day out in Worthing.



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