Elizabeth Mienert: Musing and Meandering

Elizabeth Mienert’s upcoming exhibition brings together a rich body of work, focusing on her watercolour sketches taken directly from her travel sketchbooks. 

As a peripatetic artist, Elizabeth, often travels with her miniature watercolour palette and sketchbook through diverse landscapes across Europe and America. From North to South (including Tromsø in the Arctic Circle to Granada in the South of Spain, via Denmark and Brittany) and East to West (from Rimini in Eastern Italy to Carmel in California via Valencia, the British Isles and Yosemite).

As a multi-media practitioner, Elizabeth allows herself to indulge every whim of creativity in whichever medium suits her purpose at the moment of inspiration. Often, she will explore a theme across several different mediums and platforms as the work morphs and develops on its never-ending journey. 

Find out more about Elizabeth on her website here & Instagram here.


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