Murmurations / Conversations

Frankie Cluney from Brighton and Amanda Beck from Worthing come together as old friends from their ‘Drawing Circus Days’ to celebrate creativity through collaboration and conversation. Sustained by social networks and intrigued in how this is mirrored in nature’s groups and clusters, they loosely take inspiration from the starlings’ magical and wondrous murmurations.  Both artists regularly venture out to observe the starlings create their fantastical formations along the coastline from Worthing to Brighton. 

Frankie will interpret this through her accessories, jewellery and broachers alongside Amanda’s paintings, prints and watercolours. They will regularly meet to create and document their journey ready to celebrate their work together and share it with the public. 

During their week at Colonnade House, they will continue to create together and look forward to sharing their work and welcoming visitors to the conversation.




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