Liz English: Chinoiserie Chaos

Local artist Liz English is quite frankly “crazy about Chinoiserie”, she’s also “crazy about flowers”. Smash the two together and you get Chinoiserie Chaos

Chinoiserie is a style of art, furniture, decoration, etc. that has Chinese or East Asian influences in the design. It was popular in Europe in the 18th century and is about to explode in Worthing at Colonnade House this Autumn.

In this series, Liz is particularly influenced by the paintings of Matisse, Hockney and Valadon. Colour is always the driving force behind her compositions whether the subject is abstract or figurative and the influence of the natural world is never far away.

You can discover more about Liz through her website or by following her on Instagram @eccentricallyenglish16


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