Wurlitzer Organ Concert: Simon Gledhill

Get ready for an afternoon of upbeat music from the Wurlitzer.

Organist Simon Gledhall is coming to the Assembly Hall to play well-known songs from popular TV shows, orchestral music, and a range of light classics on the Worthing Wurlitzer.

Born in Yorkshire, Simon Gledhill Is considered to be one of today’s foremost Theatre Organists: he is known for his highly musical interpretations of popular and light music on the organ and is admired by his musician peers for his admirable technique, imaginative and beautiful interpretations.

After being featured on BBC Radio 2’s “The Organist Entertains” program, Simon received many concert offers. Since then, he has performed at all the top theater organ venues in Britain and has gone on tours in Germany, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Simon has also made multiple appearances at the Annual and Regional Conventions of the American Theatre Organ Society, including the Pasadena Convention in 2018.

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