Ukrainian refugees will show their art in Worthing

For the second year in a row, a sunny Worthing has been showing a real warm welcome to the Ukrainian refugees. For the first time this year thanks to Ukrainian friends’ network charity and Dome cinema support Ukrainian artists will take part in what has been a praise for those who lost and found their homes on the UK shore for 25 years: Refugee Week.

The main theme is COMPASSION and the 12 artists, including our young talented generation will show their way of understanding this word. Their artworks aim both create beautiful and harmonic objects and reach out a helping hand to those in need by selling their works and donating them to children and animals who were not so lucky and live in constant danger back in Ukraine.

You are very welcome to have a stroll in the Dome cinema theatre to see the works and buy them to support and show compassion, which is so easy to do through art.


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