Sussex Youth Theatre’s Shakespeare Daggers and Daydreams Workshop

The Daggers & Daydreams themed workshop will offer an introduction to all new-comers, as well as a recap for those already familiar with Shakespeare, to some of the greatest plays and most famous characters ever written by the world’s most popular playwright, William Shakespeare!

Using traditional acting techniques and fun games, Ross Muir’s workshop makes Shakespeare understandable and accessible for all ages and abilities! Learn how Shakespeare uses language to tell his exciting stories and explore how to speak the words in such a way that the drama, action and the colourful characters jump right off the page!

All children should experience exploring Shakespeare in this way! Plus get the chance in this workshop to rehearse and perform scenes that take a particular look at Daggers & Daydreams; with selected scene extracts from Macbeth, Julius Caesar and A Midsummer Night’s Dream!


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