Liz English: From the Sublime to the Colourfully Ridiculous

Local artist, Liz English is at Colonnade House in February with their latest collection of work;

Liz says;

” I loved painting from a very early age – one of my proudest early achievements was my Brownie Artist’s Badge !! However studying art at school was always difficult to fit into a demanding curriculum which in those days had to follow teachers’ expectations. Art practice had to be worked around that. It is a huge regret that I did not pursue higher education in Art at that time.

Older and maybe a little bit wiser, I have come to realise how important art is to me and what a priority in my life it needs to be.

So, mainly self taught, I began painting in earnest once more three years ago whilst living in Kuwait. A reaction to more time and a world that was suddenly very beige, I needed to recreate my own colourful oasis.

Inspiration for me can come from a hundred different things nearly always it starts with colour, very often flowers, nature or a beautiful landscape are involved. I love the feeling that carefully chosen colour combinations can create, that feeling that almost vibrates with energy.

My influences are many, amongst them Hockney, Matisse, Klimt, Bowling and Monet. All have a love of colour in common.
As well as painting I am lucky enough to work with Sold Charity in Shoreham, helping some of their young adults with learning differences and/or Autism to commercially develop their amazing artistic talent and upcycle unwanted furniture into colourful new creations.

I took part in Worthing Open Houses in 2019 and hope to do so again it was such a lot of fun and regularly have exhibitions in Kuwait.

This year one of my paintings “Look Up and Feel the Magic Of Green” was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and I took part, as a wildcard contestant, in Landscape Artist of the Year. “

This exhibition is an amalgamation of the last three years’ work – truly a voyage from the sublime to the colourfully ridiculous.

Free Decoupage Workshop // Sunday 13 February 10.00 –  12.00 or Sunday 20 February 10.00 – 12.00

Got something old and worn out that needs a make over ? Got something new that’s just too plain? I’ll show you how to transform it.

Bring your item along nothing too big please as we only have two hours.

If you are a beginner something like a box, lampshade or tin are good to start with.

It needs to be white or painted white – chalk paint works best on furniture and it needs to be dry !!

I will provide all the other materials you need and show you how to decoupage and transform whatever you bring, in to an item of beauty that you’ll want to show off to all your friends.

Not suitable for under 10 years of age.

Book here.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00 (Closed Monday)


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