Exhibition: Out of the Artist

Celebrating local LGBTQIA+ artists

Keira Thomas is a local poet, event manager for Worthing Pride 2019 and also the creator and coordinator of this multi-artist show. This exhibition creates a safe and accepting space for local independent LGBTQIA+ artists to creatively share their voice and personal experiences, free from restrictions and discrimination.

Creating progressive and symbolic history in Worthing, artists will play a significant role at the first LGBTQIA+ exhibition at Worthing Museum.

An exciting contributor to the exhibition, Gil Mualem-Doronan award-winning transdisciplinary artistresearcher, and curator, will be running 4 free workshops titled Planning Worthing LGBTQIA+ Beach, to ignite the artistic passion of our Worthing community. Gil’s art is based on his lived experiences of intersectionality as a migrant, person of colour, and neurodivergent queer.

Instagram: @Gil_Mualem_Doron
Website: www.gmdart.com

In collaboration with LGBTQ+ Community of Worthing Facebook group, and with full inclusivity being at the heart of our values, we proudly invite each of you to open your mind, ready to immerse yourself in the work and celebration of our inspiring LGBTQIA+ artists.

Image Credit:  @BryonyMayArt

All Worthing Museum and Gallery’s Exhibitions are free


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