An Exquisite Wine-Tasting Experience at Orchid House Restaurant

The evening took an exciting turn as the fourth course arrived, featuring Molmenti Friulano alongside a kookoo sabzi. This unique combination introduced guests to the complex yet harmonious flavours of the dish, perfectly complemented by the wine’s distinct character.

The fifth pairing featured a lightly baked and bottle aged Macon Village, which flawlessly accompanied a salad olivieh. The wine’s subtle, oaky notes and balanced acidity lifted the flavours of the salad, resulting in a delightful blend of textures and tastes.


As the evening progressed, participants were presented with a robust Malbec paired with mature cheese and homemade ciabatta for the sixth course. The wine’s deep, bold flavours harmonised perfectly with the richness of the cheese. At the same time, the ciabatta provided a satisfying crunch, enhancing the overall experience.


Indulging in Culinary Delights:


The seventh pairing featured a delightful glass of velvety and plump Refosco from the excellent producer Molmenti, expertly paired with a selection of cold meats, pork and duck terrine, and freshly baked focaccia. The wine’s earthy undertones and well-structured tannins complemented the savoury meats, creating a symphony of flavours with each bite.


The grand finale arrived with the eighth course: a robust, bold and brambly Quinta de Carolina paired with a decadent dark chocolate dessert. The wine’s luscious dark fruit concentration danced alongside the rich, bittersweet notes of the chocolate, leaving a lingering, unforgettable taste on the palate.


An Unforgettable Host and Unmatched Ambiance:


Throughout the evening, Scott from Giggle Juice graciously hosted the event, guiding guests through the intricacies of each wine and food pairing. His expertise and passion added an extra layer of sophistication to the experience, ensuring that every guest felt immersed in the world of fine wines.


Meanwhile, the enchanting sounds of a pianist played in the background, enhancing the overall atmosphere of elegance and refinement. The combination of delectable food, exceptional wines, expert hospitality, and live music created an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will reminisce about for years to come.


The wine-tasting evening at Orchid House restaurant was a resounding success, leaving attendees astounded by the talent and creativity in the nine pairings of food and wine. Every element of the evening, from the initial sparkling English wine to the grand finale dessert wine, showcased the dedication and expert craftsmanship of the restaurant’s staff. Orchid House continues solidifying its place as a premier destination for indulging in remarkable culinary experiences and discovering new dimensions of wine appreciation.

Our next event is on Saturday, 23rd March 2024 and will be the second part of our Around the World series, focusing on the Americas. Having previously sold out at our last experience, we strongly recommend an early reservation.


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