Writing About Nature with Author Emma Cameron

A writing workshop to explore our connection to nature in a time of climate emergency – Join author and activist Emma Cameron.

The UK has lost almost half of its biodiversity since the 1970’s. Much of this is caused by loss of habitat to commercial farming and construction. Many of our precious butterflies, birds, bats, insects and wild creatures are disappearing.

To solve the climate emergency, it’s essential to restore nature.

Join author and activist, Emma Cameron, for a workshop to explore and write about our connections with nature.

Emma has written two novels and is working on a third. The latest, ‘A Scattering’ was published in 2021. She has a letter published in the anthology ‘Letters To The Earth’.

The workshop is for beginners and more experienced writers and will be a supportive, non-critical space to explore the power and importance of storytelling at this time.


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