Worthing’s oldest building? A whistle-stop introduction to St Mary’s in Broadwater

Have you ever looked at an old building, wondered more about its history, what was inside… but didn’t have the nerve to go in?

Broadwater is home to one of the area’s oldest and most remarkable buildings. Many people walk past it every day without a second look. The Normans went to the trouble of shipping over stones from France to construct it. And 900 years later, the Norman tower of St Mary’s Church, Broadwater, still stands tall in the skyline. 

Its walls have witnessed centuries of change. In the past, churches such as St Mary’s served many purposes – they were the centre of life and work in the community. These sacred spaces of worship also served as county courtrooms, community centres, safe havens, and much more. This is a short introduction to Worthing’s most remarkable building for those that are curious and love history, but especially for those that wouldn’t normally explore a church.

Join us on for a short talk on 16th June (circa 1 hour).

Rob Ferguson will be your guide. He is the author of The History of Broadwater Church and its Parish, and looks forward to showing you round while revealing fascinating facts and stories spanning several centuries. In his words, this will be ‘The Anatomy and Physiology of St Mary’s by a retired local GP’!

– Time: 7pm-8pm
– Audience capacity: circa 30 people
– Price: £2 per person (or a donation to church building up-keep on the door)


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