Wine Tasting: Lesser Known Grapes @Level 1 Worthing

Ever find yourself trapped in an endless world of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio? Do you ever wonder what other grapes are out there and what they might taste of? Then come join us at Level 1 Worthing for an evening where we walk the viticultural path less trodden and explore some of the lesser known grapes of the world.

Natural winemakers are champions of indigenous grapes varietals and have made it their mission to save these from extinction. Indigenous varietals have been ripped up and cast aside by commercial wineries as they buy up land to plant the generic varietals that grace our supermarket shelves. We are losing the unique nature that comes from regional winemaking as the vineyards of the world become a homogenous mass of identical grapes.

Join us as we explore eight different wines from across the globe that champion lesser known grapes. Some will be regional varietals that do not get the attenion they deserve whereas others will be key grapes from regions you will not find on your supermarket shelves.

The tasting will start at 7:30pm at Level 1 as part of our weekend long bank holiday pop up. Make an evening of it by coming down for some of the fantastic food available at the venue before the tasting starts. We should be done before 9:30pm.

About the venue

LEVEL 1 brings together the best of Worthing and Sussex based leisure, food and drink businesses in a unique experience with incredible views.

  • Level 1 is an outdoor venue and as such we are at the mercy of the elements. Please be aware of this and dress accordingly. In the event of extreme weather we may have to cancel the event and refunds will be made.

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