Only the strongest brotherhoods emerge from ten years of triumph and tragedy more passionately devoted to the cause than ever. Through car crashes and international smashes, onstage magic and offstage loss, Will And The People – a creative community as much as a band – have maintained an intense faith and self-belief in the power of their music, and are roaring out of their darkest days hellbent on a bright horizon.

We’re a group of people completely committed to what we do but even after ten years we’re still inspired by the idea of finding a true voice” says Will Rendle. “We work really fucking hard at what we do. We cry and we shout and we scream and we laugh, we do everything around our music – it’s all about being as honest as we can.”

Will And The People explode boundaries with their music, the band masterfully embracing enigmatic folk, hard rock, pop and, most notably, hip-hop. “We wanted to bridge the gap of Lil Peep in his bedroom and Arctic Monkeys in a massive studio

Driven by what Jim calls “the power of self-belief”, it sounds, at last, like Will And The People are finding their true voice. “In our hearts we know there’s a place for us in this world, where we can go out and play to 500, 2,000 or 10,000 people a night and do something meaningful for the people and live our dream. Now we know we’ve got what it takes.


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