Who Do You Think You Are: Spoken Word for Teens

Shakespeare said, ‘To thine own self be true.’ But who are you?

Where teenagers are concerned, everyone’s got an opinion. At home, at school and out in the world; it can be exhausting to process everyone’s ideas about the right way to be, think and do.

The history of poetry is as old as human communication. As long as we’ve related to each other, or not related to each other, people have arranged words in ways that help them understand and make sense of their worlds.

Come to Worthing Library as part of Worthing Festival for a spoken word workshop run by poet-librarian Rhi Kavok. In this informal session, we’ll discuss rhyme, performance styles and skills and, most importantly, how to connect with an audience via your own, unique, vital, authentic truth.

We’ll write and perform some poems in a friendly, supportive group.

This is your chance to be you, loud and proud.

Come as you are: bring your truth.

Age: 12-15


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