Weald Contemporary Present: Modern Mud

Leigh Curtis, Ben Prosser and Ben Wesley Clarke // Modern Mud

‘Modern Mud is an exhibition of new work by three artists – Benjamin Prosser, Leigh Curtis and Ben Westley Clarke. The show will combine the approaches of the three painters in dynamic ways. All of the artists deal with image making, through the materiality of paint, as a form of storytelling.

Ben Westley Clarke’s work, since moving to the countryside in September 2022, has explored the weird, eerie and out of place through the genre of landscape painting. Leigh Curtis’ paintings are based on people and places, real and imagined; often depicting difficult situations, though sometimes balanced by acts of liberation. Benjamin Prosser’s paintings and works on paper consist of memories, observations, imaginings and dead ends, brought together in an unpremeditated and often free-wheeling play with materials.’

Links to artists:

Ben Prosser: https://www.instagram.com/benjaminprosser/

Ben Westley Clarke: https://benwestleyclarke.com/

Leigh Curtis: https://leighcurtis.co.uk/


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