Walk Yourself Well Workshop

Walking is the ultimate free exercise, although through bad walking habits much of its benefits are lost.

Improve your walking posture …

Do you suffer with chronic and re-occurring pain when walking?

Do you get fatigued easily?

Are you curious to find out if you are walking well?

Walk Yourself Well a comprehensive, enjoyable workshop improving…

foot strength & flexibility

head position

breathing technique

co-ordination of movement

posture & body awareness

the enjoyment of walking

control in movement

Come and see how better you can feel as we explore and improve our walking postures.

Amanda has 23 years experience working with people and their bodies, bringing to light areas of imbalance …

‘what she does is incredible’ JP

‘I have more get up and go and walk much more comfortably and for longer too’ JBK

‘My feet an ankles are way more aligned, my feet feel more connected to the ground’ KG

‘My knee flexibility as improved greatly since I have been coming to Amanda’s classes’ JC

Cost £42 for this comprehensive enjoyable workshop.


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