Voyage Home

Join us as we ‘Voyage Home’ to Worthing & take a musical journey back to the those halcyon nights up at the House on the Hill
Music from the early 90s & beyond…
Room 1 – Sounds of the Underground
• Nicky Blackmarket
• Ellis Dee
• Chalk E White
• Quantum
• Richard de Gottal (Mansion House)
• Tor Lloyd (Club UK / Subterrania)
• MC Five Alive (Warning / Moondance)
Room 2 – House
• Groover Washington
• T Cuts
• Dozer
The Venue:
Worthing’s premium nightclub, Jungle
HAPPY HOUR 9pm-10pm with reasonably priced drinks all night
Whether you went to Sterns or not, all are welcome – just make sure you bring the old skool vibe!
See ya on the dance floor

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