Stone Cold Sober are a 5 piece classic rock covers band, formed in 2015 by Debz Smith & Tim Robert Markey in Worthing. They cover a wide variety of artists such as Iron Maiden, Pat Benatar, Thin lizzy, Audio Slave, Fleetwood Mac, Skunk Anansie, AC/DC , Velvet Revolver, Royal Blood, Led Zeppelin and many more.

There is nothing more exciting then the pleasure they get from pleasing a crowd and the thrill of rock’n out to music lovers.


Hearing the call of the rebel yell in the unholy year of 2021, Vital Idol has come to give you that vital dose of Idol you have been searching for!

Dedicated to bringing you the sights and sounds of the rock idol himself, Vital Idol will take you on a journey through the musical career of this iconic rock giant. From his early punk Generation X roots, Into his stratospheric solo career of the MTV age, leading through to his Modern Day Classics!

Vital Idol’s Frontman Stuart Brand plays Billy, backed up by a band of virtuoso musicians! Ace Simon-Art Taylor Bass, Barry Fitzgibbon Guitar and James Fileman on Drums.

The moves, the swagger, and the attitude will have you screaming out, “More….More…MORE!!!!” Don’t be idle…rock out with Vital Idol!


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