Urszula Kasza: Inspiration & Detail

After being one of the selected artists in Worthing Museum & Art Gallery OPEN23, which she is very proud of, featuring Morgan Freeman, pencil sketch.

Worthing based artist, Urszula Kasza is showing her work for the second time at Colonnade House, with new work to see. Urszula had a stroke at 32 years of age. She had struggled because her dominant right arm, hand and leg was paralysed, and her speech was damaged.

After working in the Rowans Centre, a specialist centre in Worthing supporting people with Brain injury and/or physical disability, Urszula was inspired to draw, paint and be creative. Urszula’s Uncle in Poland who was a well known painter, inspired Urszula to start to paint after the stroke in 2015.

Her work is often inspired by her travels in Europe, like the mountains, beaches, flowers, food & drink. Urszula’s inspiration also covers glorious tropical birds and portraits of famous people are also found in her lively and expressive paintings and sketches. Her love of detail is seen in her focused pencil study of the human eye & more recently, inspirations from holidays to Italy in delicate oil paintings.

Urszula works in a variety of mediums; using oils, acrylic and coloured pencil and is inspired by European artists such as; Rubens, Van Dyck, Gainsborough & Turner, which have been discovered on recent visits to National Trust sites – which Urszula finds fascinating. These inspirations allow for a variety of detail, colour and expression in her recent pictures & paintings.

Urszula says “Painting and creativity is good for relaxation and uplifting your mood. Practicing is very important as well as visiting galleries and museums to enjoy art.” She hopes you will visit and leave feeling inspired to pick up a paintbrush again.


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