Ukrainian Renaissance. Unbowed.

The Ukrainian refugees’ dozen will present their culture with handmade works inspired by the unbowed spirit they have despite the tragic obstacles they live through.

From acrylic paintings and photographs to traditional art such as icons, head wreaths and motankas (rug dolls). Each piece of work is a symbol of style and harmony all Ukrainians have in their DNA.

Workshops, lectures, and documentaries will help you get a sense of their unconquerable nature: a highlight for Ukrainian art & culture.

Most of the works will be for sale to gather money for charity and help Ukraine to survive through the winter energy crisis.

Artists involved are;

Tetiana Chekhovska-Kostsova

Motankas (Мотанка) are ancient Ukrainian family talismans. They are the symbol of prosperity, goodness and hope. It’s a knotted doll out of fabric, made without using a needle and scissors.

Eleonora Medwell

Born in Ukraine. British mixed-media artist. Her art is inspired by women’s beauty and sensuality.

Irma Latsanych

Modern head wreath, inspired by traditional Ukrainian costume.

Yaroslava Matvieienko

Modern religious icons. Kyiv-born journalist, artist and MA History of Arts. Modern icons are created in traditional Byzantine style. She also paints, creates natural beeswax candles as well as photography.

Svitlana Mykhailova

Ukrainian artist from Kherson. Her collages, photos and postcards reflect her personal experiences caused by war and her relocation to England.

Iryna Holoshchapova

Ukrainian artist and art therapist, originally from Donetsk. Since beginning of the conflict in Donbas region moved to Lutsk where founded her own art school for women “Дари Макош” (Mokosh gifts).

Yaryna Zakaliuzhna

Young Ukrainian artist from Zhytomyr. The winner of the competition from the European Space Agency. Her drawing will be printed on the rocket “Ariane-5”, which will send a satellite to Jupiter.

About Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network 

The Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network actively helps Ukrainians in West Sussex and wants to help all Ukrainians in the United Kingdom and abroad in the future.


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