The Thrill Of Love by Amanda Whittington

The Thrill Of Love is a gripping play which dramatises the true story of Ruth Ellis, the last women hanged in Britain.
The execution of Ruth Ellis was greeted by a national outcry and a demand that capital punishment be abolished.
The play exposes many of the facts behind the case which were not revealed at the trial, and which may have altered her conviction.
Why does her realtionship end in murder? Why does she plead not guilty but offer no defence? Why does she not say where the gun came from? Who is she trying to protect?
It also explores the lives of the women who inhabited the underground world of London and the nightlife of the 1950s, where anything was available for a price, but where we also find a feminine caring and tenderness towards each other and a humour which helped sustain them and rise above their existential plight.

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