The Art of Marketing Workshop

You’re passionate about what you create, perform or the experience you provide, but struggle to make a living from it. You need Marketing!

Some of the most common questions we’re asked by arts & culture businesses are;
How do I describe what I create / offer? How do I get more people to buy? How do I set myself apart from all the others?

The answer to all of those questions is Marketing. And we get it, you want to make a living from what you love doing, but you’re not suddenly an expert in marketing and doing it well takes up a lot of your time!

This workshop will help you understand how to:

> Create a compelling message about your products / services / experience
> Set your offer apart and stand out from the rest
> Understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help get your website found
> Get discovered and build your social media engagement
> Create customer advocates and win repeat business

Plus, we’ll be joined by a special guest from a successful local organisation who will share their experience of marketing ‘performance productions’ and inspire you all with what can be done on a low budget.

“We were very inspired by your conference workshop. We’ve taken away new ideas and reconsolidated others. As a result of your workshop we’ve tweaked our elevator pitch and draft website… It feels much better to lead with our ethos which underpins everything we do. Thanks again for a such an inspiring workshop.”

Clare & Anna, canda bytes – art that cares

So if you’re a creative and you want to upskill in marketing, join us for this free workshop in the Education Room at Worthing Museum as part of the inaugural Worthing Festival. Spaces are limited.


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