Sussex Kelp: Rewilding Our Seas

Marine Conservationist Sally Ashby talks about Kelp Restoration in a Climate Crisis

Kelp forms beautiful underwater forests which are some of the most productive and biodiverse habitats on the planet. Over 96 per cent of kelp in Sussex has disappeared since 1987. Years of destructive trawling and other human pressures have decimated this valuable marine habitat that once stretched along more than 40km of coastline from Selsey to Shoreham. In March 2020 bottom-towed trawling was banned from this area giving the kelp a chance to recover. Find out what the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project is doing to help rewild the Sussex seas and restore the kelp.

This event is in support of the exhibition ANNE KRINSKY – FUGITIVE

This event is free and unticketed. No need to book, just turn up.

Event Date
Thursday 21st  April, 6.30pm


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