Steve Rickman & Kate Mercy: Reflections in Metal Glass

With their shared love of the materials they use, both Steve and Kate were instantly drawn to each other’s work. This has resulted in them collaborating on pieces that display the beauty of metal and glass when used together – the contrasting colours, the hard and the fragile.

Steve Rickman 

Steve is a metalworking artist with the vision to transform what most would throw away into captivating works of art.

He combines his welding expertise and experience of handling materials, with an eye for detail to create visually striking artworks. Beautiful in their own right, each piece invites the viewer to look more closely to see how, and from what, it has been made.

His use of materials is inspirational and thought provoking. Steve’s motivation is drawn from the delight on viewer’s faces when they realise what has been used in the construction of a piece. They go away to rummage through their own sheds and wonder what their own tools could become.

Steve continues to experiment with new techniques and materials and is never happier than when “playing” in his workshop.

You can find more of Stephen’s work on his Instagram & Facebook.

Kate Mercy

Kate Mercy is a glass fusing artist with a deep appreciation for the beauty and versatility of glass. Drawing inspiration from nature and the interplay of light and colour, her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece she creates.

Kate first had a fascination with glass instilled by a one day glass fusing “taster session”. After which she self taught herself the techniques and methods of glass fusing. She now tests the boundaries of working with glass and experiments with different textures, shapes and colours to create pieces that are both playful and visually stunning.

Her work has been shortlisted for a number of exhibitions and competitions receiving appreciation and praise for her unique and striking pieces.

Kate also shares her knowledge and expertise through giving workshops and demonstrations to inspire others and pass on her appreciation for the beauty of glass.

Find out more about Kate and her work on her InstagramFacebook and website.


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