Square Hole: Translations of neurodiverse stories

Join producers Lorna Allan & Jhinuk Sarkar for an evening talk and workshop through a neurodiverse lens.

They will take you through the inception of their project Square Hole, a podcast looking at neurodiversity and employment within the creative industries.

The second half of the evening will be spent experimenting with different materials to produce translations and interpretations of the podcast’s neurodiverse stories to demonstrate alternative ways of engagement to the traditional podcast.

About Square Hole:

Square Hole is a podcast about Neurodiversity and employment in the creative industry, created & developed by two Neurodiverse creatives: Lorna Allan & Jhinuk Sarkar.

The podcast explores understanding different stages of diagnosis to development, education, career & working environments through to audience experience. Lorna and Jhinuk discuss the interviews and reflect on their own experiences through the x4 thematic episodes and all x16 interviews are available to listen to in full.

A main motive for the podcast is to give more accessibility to the traditional podcast format by developing alternative ways to interact with the subject matter, including visual transcription, tactile instructions (to follow along with), imagery & sound pieces.

The aim of the podcast is to bring awareness to the advantages of a diverse creative team, to evidence intersectional & collaborative working projects, research & a multimedia art piece that is a result from the production of the podcast itself.

Find out more here > https://linktr.ee/sqhole

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