Spirit of the Downs : Perseverance brings Success

Captivating short documentary about the people-powered campaign to create public access land at Tenants Hill and Mount Carvey, near Cissbury Ring, West Sussex.

Many people gave up a lot of their time in order to pursue the goal of enshrining in law that this land should stay in public ownership and become ‘Open Access’, so that everyone can enjoy the right to roam in perpetuity.
It took 6 years, but the final outcome was a win for all – for the people who love the area, Worthing Town and yes also the Council!
So the Worthing Downlanders invite you to join us in celebrating the journey we undertook to achieve this success story.
This documentary film also seeks to inspire others to take on environmental issues by challenging the mindset of politicians and local authorities through positive action.
Watch Teaser Trailer here: https://youtu.be/B2ItrzUV_Uc
Spirit of the Downs Documentary Premiere Tickets are FREE via Eventbrite Listing Link below (maximum of 156 Tickets available), but a suggested minimum cash donation of £2.00 is most welcome on the day, to cover costs.

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