Spin Out: Grow

Our SPIN-OUT Summer Season of free shows is back! Spin-Out is a season of free shows taking place outside the Pavilion Theatre on the promenade.

Grow is a lively, energetic and vibrant dance theatre duet by Kapow.

In a playful and touching celebration of nature’s power to rejuvenate itself, take over spaces and grow through the cracks, Kapow combines humanity and a comedic gardening show in their lively duet Grow. Through order and chaos, humans transforming into weeds, seeds and beautiful sunflowers, Grow looks at the relationships we form with one another and the natural world and explores what we all need to thrive. This show leaves the audience feeling uplifted and inspired to get out and enjoy nature. It speaks about our relationship to one another, to the natural world and of what we all need to thrive.

This family friendly show runs for approx 25 minutes.


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