Shocking Shoreham and South Downs Generations

Sussex Historian Chris Hare with a riveting double bill of forgotten history that deserves to be remembered.

Shocking Shoreham – A blind and paralysed prophetess, religious intolerance, including riots against the Salvation Army, wild festivals and celebrations, and the UK’s first openly gay politician – these are some of the aspects of Shoreham history that Chris will touch on in this illustrated talk.

South Downs Generations – exploring our heritage and discovering the people’s past. The South Downs are not only a beautiful landscape, they have been home to generations of rural people, whose lives have gone largely unrecorded. Over two years, Chris led a project team, recording memories of country people and delving into neglected archives, to reveal fascinating and unexpected glimpses of South Downs social history. Tonight he will be sharing this history, including playing excerpts from the interviews he recorded.


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