Sharkboy ‘Songs From BirdTown’

Sharkboy produces multi-media performances, music and film.
Her work includes stop motion and 2D animation, soundtracks and drawn art.
Projected live, the Nico-esque Avy presents songs from the album ‘BirdTown’ her first in over 2 decades in this live show. Set in the intimate and atmospheric environs of The Whiskey Rooms, the performance includes a screening of Avy’s award-winning animated film ‘A New Life Tomorrow’.

First releasing critically acclaimed music of dark glamour in the 1990s, Avy has worked and toured with Suede, David Baker of early Mercury Rev and Robin Guthrie of the legendary Cocteau Twins.
She continues into the 2020s with rock and roll art collabs, romantic soundtracks, projected film and underground vinyl releases.


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