Sancho & Me – For One Night Only

Performed by Paterson Joseph- Introducing a remarkable Black British Hero, Charles Ignatius Sancho. Born on a slave ship yet achieved greatness.
Charles Ignatius Sancho was born on a slave ship on the Atlantic Ocean in 1729, Charles Ignatius Sancho became a writer, composer, shopkeeper and respected ‘man of letters’ in 18th century London – the first man of African Heritage to vote in Britain. SANCHO&ME – FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY is an unmissable storytelling by Paterson Joseph, accompanied by co-creator and musical director Ben Park and delivered directly to the audience, part-improvised each night and built around Paterson’s recent novel THE SECRET DIARIES OF CHARLES IGNATIUS SANCHO.
SANCHO&ME – FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY explores ideas of belonging, language, education, slavery, commerce, violence, threat, politics, music and love – and where these themes intersect with Paterson’s own story of growing up Black and British. Described as ‘remarkable’ and perfect for all ages 12 and upwards, the show is ably underscored live on-stage and uses Sancho’s compositions and original music by co-creator, composer and musician Ben Park.

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