Ruth Mulvie X Claire Knill

This exhibition brings together the work of two British Artists Ruth Mulvie and Claire Knill. Knill and Mulvie both share a preoccupation with colour and light, Knill exploring her interest through sculpture and kinetic forms and Mulvie through painting and print  – there are similarities in the way they use shape and form in their artwork.

Claire Knill

Claire is a Hove based artist working across various disciplines including sculpture, textiles and digital collage. Through kinetic sculpture, Claire creates moments of pause, reflection and connection within the busy environments of our lives offering moments of escape. The work’s meditative yet playful quality brings a sense of calm to the spaces within which they are hung. 

Using hand-cut metals and acrylic to create evolving three dimensional work, Claire’s style is characterised by intriguing colour combinations, geometric forms and a joyful refined aesthetic. In this installation, she combines the moving sculptures with sound to create an immersive gallery experience.

On the 16th November, Claire will be hosting a Mindful Mobile Making workshop. To find out more about the workshop and to join, visit the link below.

Ruth Mulvie

Ruth is exhibiting a selection of paintings & prints from a collection called ‘Xanadu’. Using the first paragraph in Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan (Or, a Vision in a Dream), Ruth has developed these latest pieces.

In her paintings we are invited to join the most wonderful party or shared experience. Mulvie’s realms surprise and delight. Hers are playful, glamorous worlds with pure glee for oxygen. And in each we are granted a day in happy valley.


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