Rainbow Shakespeare: As You Like It

Rainbow Shakespeare “The jewel in Worthing’s crown” are back for their 21st season of presenting sparkling Shakespeare for all the family!

Highdown Gardens is one of Sussex’s most magical, beautiful gardens and best-kept secrets. Now reopened after 2 years renovation and the creation of the new visitor’s centre, they play host, once again, to Rainbow Shakespeare.

Picnic under the stars with all the fun people of Worthing and its surrounds, and become part of what has become one of the great Sussex traditions.

The first play of the season is:

AS YOU LIKE IT: Tue 12 – Sun 17 July 2022

Rosalind, dressing herself as a man for protection, escapes with her cousin Celia from the anger of the Duke her uncle to the Forest of Arden (aka Highdown Gardens in our case!). So begins Shakespeare’s best and most tender of comedies with lovelorn shepherds, cross-dressing confusions, cynical jesters living and loving their dramas under the greenwood trees,  proving  once again that ‘all the World’s a Stage’.



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