PRANKENSTEIN A Local film production made by children for children

PRANKENSTEIN a local film production made BY children FOR children.

Student scientist Victoria Prankenstein finds out that trying to make a person in her laboratory is complicated, dangerous and nothing like Build-a-Bear! Victoria’s experiment matters so much to her that she ignores her fellow scientists’ warnings and carries on until she is forced to learn some big lessons.

Prankenstein is a unique piece of musical cinema, written and made by a cast and crew of mostly 9-13 year olds.

The 70 minute production features the film, fun song performances by BBV Shooting Stars, joke scenes, bloopers, ‘The Making Of’, about the process of film-making; camera, lighting, acting, special FX etc and of-course team-work. The show includes a final sing-along of the 5 original songs which you can practise beforehand using karaoke versions available at, on You Tube Prankenstein Songs Karaoke or listen on Soundcloud

Through its’ story and original songs, Prankenstein sends out the same powerful lessons that the novel ‘Frankenstein’ does, but in a light-hearted way. Classed: Educational. Suggested age; 6-13 but adults love it too. Our website has a free learning resource to do after, click here and scroll down.

Prankenstein was created by combining the ideas and capabilities of local children with and without additional needs. It was an unfunded, voluntary project that showcases what our differences and collaboration make possible. We look forward to you joining us for this fun, family-friendly event.

Director Vilonu Alate, Top billed cast: Georgie Humphreys, Archie Neville, Vilonu Alate. All music composed by July Alate.

You can read about Prankenstein’s successful premiere here.

We look forward to welcoming you at this fun event for all ages.


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