Circus show celebrating celebrating the ways we can feel powerful, even in an uncertain world.

Brand new show that combines circus physicality, voice-over soundtrack and storytelling. It is optimistic, uplifting, funny, physical and at times moving.

POWER was born from interviews recorded with real people, about their experiences of feeling strong and powerful. These people’s stories are the heart of the work, told with a mix of verbal storytelling, voice over from interviews, and physical storytelling through circus vocabulary.

Their stories intersect with autobiography of a Strong Lady wrestling with uncertainty. Initially striving to feel powerful, by being invincible and in control, the show finds its way to accepting the mess of uncertainty and finding strength in the places where we wobble. Trading invincibility for resilience, it celebrates the power we have: to choose the next step through the mess.

Charmaine Childs is a circus Strong Lady who has spent more than 20 years touring outdoor arts festivals internationally, performing feats-of-strength with a signature mix of muscle, comedy and elegance.


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