Open event to celebrate The Local Worthing Fishermen Society

Announcement: The Worthing Fishermen Society bestows honours upon Norman Bashford and Family

In recognition of the Bashford family’s four generations of fishing and dedicated work along the Worthing coastline, the Fishermen Society will hold a grand celebration. This event will feature a showcase of true fishermen stories from the rich heritage, some of which may not be entirely accurate, to enlighten and entertain attendees. The festivities will take place at the oldest fishing locker in town, located in what was once known as the fish market area.

Guests will arrive at approximately 3pm and there will be the opportunity to try some locally caught seafood.

The WBC Council will also attend this event to honour Norman with a certificate. We are thrilled to be supported by the esteemed lyrical Chanty organization The Duck pond sailors who will serenade us with some merry tunes

It is critical to recognise and support our local beach fishermen as they are fundamental to the progress and preservation of the economy of Worthing’s fishing industry. The harsh reality of never having a thriving fishing industry on Worthing beach again is more imminent than perceived.


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