Muswell Hill

The Southwick Players Presents Muswell Hill.

What do a disintegrating marriage, a successful accountant, a failed author, an earthquake in Haiti, a north London dinner party that no-one really wants to attend, an obsession with mobile gadgets, a predatory theatrical impresario (and his much younger girlfriend), bad Shakespeare (and even worse musical theatre), a recent widow, one of the dullest guests ever and monkfish stew have in common?

They are all part of Torben Betts’ wickedly funny play MUSWELL HILL, coming to the Barn Theatre on April 10th – 13th 2024.

Set on 13th January 2010 when an earthquake in Haiti leaves 100,000 people dead and almost two million homeless. Meanwhile in a leafy north London suburb, six individuals sit down to a starter of avocado and prawns – “so reassuringly 1970s”. They admire their host’s beautifully  appointed kitchen, fret about their “ambitious” mortgages, make holiday plans, compare mobile phone tariffs, connect with Facebook friends – will history remember any of them, and if so, what for?

First performed in 2012, award-winning playwright Torben Betts fashioned a new twist on the “middle class dinner party” play.


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