Mini Golf Easter Extravaganza!

Mini Golf, Crazy Golf, whatever you like to call it, it’s time to show off your pro mini golfing skills!

Do you fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods and take any opportunity you can to tell people how good at (mini) golf you are? Or do you know someone like the above who annoys you because of how competitive they are?

Well, now is the chance for the so called ‘pros’ to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk!

The mini golf tournament will run from 31st March until 23rd April. The first two weekends will act as a qualifier for the finals day which will take place on 16th April.

There is no need to book a tee time for Mini Golf at Level 1. Simply turn up on the day to register your group, grab a table and wait for your table to be called!

It’s open-for-all ages and abilities, and with lots of different prize categories anyone can be a winner!


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