Michelle Dawson: Along the Prom

‘For many years Michelle has been a compulsive drawer, recording the world around her in detailed pencil and ink line drawings.

Since the onset of the pandemic, and especially during the lockdowns, Michelle found that her sketchbooks provided a welcome escape from reality. Within their pages she played with new ways to portray what has always been her favourite subject matter – the local seaside. Regular walks and cycle rides to the beach fed a desire to record the way the coast made her feel – free, excited and happy. She experimented with brightly coloured paint and ink, and tried mark-making in a variety of materials, working towards combining painting with her drawn line.

She has developed these ideas into a series of vibrant paintings, layering coloured line drawings over painted backgrounds, working intuitively to try to communicate that joy of being by the sea.’

Follow Michelle on Instagram here.


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