Michele Payne: GLIMMER

Michele Payne is having her first solo show ‘GLIMMER’ showcasing her latest abstract work that aims to give a glimpse of the sublime and joyful.

Over the past few years, Michele has been making art to discover her own aesthetic, aside from her career of over twenty-five years as a surface designer. Her work is a dive into colour, evoking imagined, wished-for landscapes. Emotion-led, intuitive, using symbolism and mark-making that has personal meaning for the artist, the hope is that viewers find their own emotional responses to her art.

This latest collection of work is an attempt to find a glimmer of joy, hope and meaning; a positive trigger for the mind, both for herself as the artist and for the viewer. With playful, colourful abstract paintings, these are experiments in colour, technique, pattern, light, texture and mark-making.



IG : @michelepaints // www.michelepayneart.com


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