Michael Lainchbury: From the Earth

The first solo exhibition of Michael Lainchbury From the Earth explores the relationship between fire, clay and smoke. He uses closed form sculptures as his canvas. Together with his fascination with the alchemy of fire and its unpredictable nature. Lainchbury marks his expression on the clay surface with intricate patterns and subtle colour . He has transformed simple clay to another element which has captured the heart of flame. Working with great attention to details, Lainchbury redefines the bare clay surface to something unique and tactile. It has elevated the nature of clay to its finest form.

Lainchbury is a Brighton born ceramicist who has been inspired by the Sussex Downs, chalky cliffs and flint. He has exhibited locally and his work is held in private collections worldwide. Lainchbury runs several well known online ceramic groups, including Facebook group- Ceramic UK. He is part of the artists group in Old Cartshed studio in the heart of rural West Sussex.




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