Michael Harbour: Timeless Tides

The exhibition is a collection of pieces with a central theme of the earth’s natural element of water and weather, and how this relates and interacts with the earth. The exhibition will include 20 -25 pieces that were painted between 2022 and 2023. The medium used in all pieces are oils, either with brushes or palette knives upon various forms of background, often recycled boards or canvases.

The collection of art combines various kinds of weather, differing landscapes and how these factors continually alter the appearance, movement and our feeling of witnessing the sea or rivers.

The capturing of a moment in time of nature’s elements of the seas, rivers, landscapes and weather is brought together in a semi abstract, and sometimes softly textured style.

All of the pieces are representations of seascapes in Worthing and the Thames in London.

Michael Harbour is a local artist, living in Worthing, who currently has two exhibiting pieces at the “Open 23” within Worthing’s Museum Gallery.


Michael’s work can also be found at;





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