Maya Irgalina at The International Interview Concerts

Come and meet her performing an exciting and absorbing solo piano concert, talking with our guest interviewer and answering audience questions. Learn about her international life, her music, and what really makes her tick!

Set intimately In The Round, these unique interactive, connective events take you inside classical music.

Be transported from hazy, dramatic mystery, through scary night, to a colourful new day with evening fireworks to remember.

Listen and picture these . . . Ravel’s sea-tossed sailing boat – Mompou’s Barcelona lake impressionism – Shakespearean Beethoven – Kapustin’s classical-jazz sparkle – Liszt’s piano singing Schubert songs – Mystery Music Spot – re-live The Tom & Jerry Show!

“ . . . an outstanding pianistic talent” – Julius Drake

“We were lucky to hear someone this good playing locally. Such a brilliant programme, expansive and inclusive. She has a strong stage presence and is a very good communicator. Technically and musically she was amazing. I was as engaged with her performance as I am when I listen to someone like Joanna MacGregor.” – Brighton audience member, August 2021


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