Material Girls. Clay. Craft. Camera

This exhibition sees Alice Mara’s clay buildings that come to life with photographic decoration; Lulu Willis’ creations inspired by people’s cast offs and Cathy Verney’s photography inspired by colour, light and texture.

Alice Mara

Alice has spent her career developing the relationship between form, function and decoration, and has an insatiable appetite for new challenges. She experimented with printing methods before perfecting the art of realising photography in three dimensions, a complex and painstaking process.

Lulu Willis

Lulu spends a huge amount of time looking around charity shops and second hand emporiums, looking for quirky items to use on mirrors, old pictures, or to produce ghostly images peering through. Lulu recently started making simple mechanical automata, something she loves and which gives animation to the pieces. She also likes using recycled doll parts for quirky brooches, pendants and earrings.

Cathy Verney

Cathy Verney grew up in Belgium, where she met a tile designer who created vibrant tiles influenced by nature. This experience always stuck with her and influenced Cathy’s love of all things arty and crafty.


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