Mary Stronge: Leaf, Clay & Paper Works

Mary Stronge: Leaf, Clay & Paper Works

Clay, Paper & Leaf Works

Helen Mary Stronge was born in Dublin in 1948 and later moved to England in 1983. Helen is the proud mother of three children, two grandchildren and one step grandchild.

Initially training at The Drama Centre, London, Helen became unwell in 1990’s, and her love for sculpting began in the Art Room at Mill View Hospital. That first lump of clay unlocked the door to recovery and has allowed her to continue working to this day with a variety of ‘materials’. She believes in the fundamental importance of creating an environment that gives time and space to those who are troubled.

Helen particularly loves working with papier-mâché.  These sculptures appear fragile but papier-mâché is one of the strongest and most enduring of materials.  This complements both the strength and vulnerability expressed in the pieces themselves.

She draws her inspiration from nature and its organic forms & working with leaves contains a special message for her too.

Helen studied sculpture under Theresa Martin & John Glazier and went on to complete a Foundation Course at Northbrook College, Worthing.

Her influences are Giacometti, Henry Moore, Rodin and Modigliani. She has exhibited in Galleries and Festivals across the UK & Ireland and her sculptures and commissions have found homes in the houses and gardens of Scotland, the UK, Ireland, France & New York.

She hopes her work communicates through its silence.


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