Marina Burgess: ‘You Are Here’

‘You Are Here’ is a collection of recent oil paintings by Marina Burgess. They feature ordinary scenes of the local area painted from the artist’s photographs. Through the slow painting process, the artist is considering our relationship to our everyday surroundings. Important themes in this exhibition are presence and belonging. How does familiarity with a place make us feel? Can a connection to the materiality of bricks and tarmac provide an anchor for our busy minds? Each painting is part of the artist’s research and reflects her ongoing enquiry into perception.

Marina Burgess is currently studying for an MA Fine Art (online) with Falmouth University. She is also employed as a support worker and a taxi driver. Her art practice has always been an integral part of her life and continues to be so. Marina exhibits her paintings regularly with the West Sussex Art Society and has recently shown work alongside members of The Royal Society of British Artists.

You can see more of Marina’s work on her website here


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